As the Nazi-loving Daily Mail claims Corbyn’s “Marxist Henchman” gave Boris Covid, we ask: “How f*cking stupid is this country?”

The Daily Heil/Fail continues to see how stupid people are by writing an article so shocking and stupid that it stunned us here at Franglish Politics.

Long story short, the article claims:

Screenshot 2020-08-16 at 00.11.15

The real question is, how do we lock up the owners of the right-wing controlled media and make Britain a democracy again? It clearly isn’t if this type of bullsh*t can be legally written.

Why are any of you tolerating this? How does anyone buy a copy of the Daily Mail, read it, and call it good journalism?

How can ANYONE vote for the Conservatives after EVERYTHING we’ve been through?

Would Boris still win an election if he openly stated he’s a fraud and a piece of sh*t? Do people like being screwed over?

This article would have been written more professionally, with many examples, however the current state of affairs are in such a pathetic state that, why bother? Why try when most people out there are clearly so stupid and can be manipulated so easily?

You decide, dear readers. I’m sorry this is our reality. Any young readers, if you don’t vote as much as old people after all this, you deserve this dystopian nightmare.

Share this article far and wide. Stay home, stay safe, and keep your distance with others.

Franglish Politics

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