SCANDAL: Cumming’s buddies at Vote Leave win Gov. Contract with UNLIMITED access to our data

While BLM protests continue, it seems the Tories will use anything as a distraction to carry out their dodgy deals – and this time our very democracy is at risk.

The Guardian has exposed that:

“An artificial intelligence firm hired to work on the Vote Leave campaign may analyse social media data, utility bills and credit rating scores as part of a £400,000 contract to help the government deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The company, Faculty, was awarded the contract by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government last month. However the full details of its work for the government are unknown because the published version of the contract was partly redacted.”

This is perhaps one of the most underreported news stories – despite the fact we all are more aware about how precious data is – it is perhaps worth more than oil as an industry. We have become the product, and now we have a Government handing out contracts to their buddies, and the details of these contracts are being “redacted” – meaning we won’t know the exact details of this deal. We won’t be able to scrutinise it, and we’ll never truly know what they’ll use the data for – expecting the pro-Tory, pro-Vote Leave to be responsible with our data is like expecting a baby to act responsibly with a knife – you’ve got to be deluded or extremely naive to even suggest such a thing.

With this data, Faculty will be able to profile voters, and use the profiles to target specific audiences and manipulate them in order to aid the Tories win any future elections – and this will be all be paid by the taxpayer: “It brings the number of government contracts awarded to Faculty to at least nine in the last two years. The contracts in total are worth at least £1.6m.”

It seems the new normal is also accepting the collapse of accountability and an open, free, fair democracy all together. Those who criticised the EU for having unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats seem oddly silent when we have unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats running the show here in our own country – and some aren’t even silent, it seems they’re the cheerleaders of this new normal as many lapped behind Cummings.

Cummings still hasn’t resigned, and the PM still hasn’t sacked him. We’re learning more and more every day as to why.

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