VIDEO: Slave Trader statue toppled, Piri Patel calls it “utterly disgraceful”

In a historic first, Slave Trader Edward Colston’s statue was torn down in Bristol today:


Usually events like these aren’t seen in Britain, so it’s quite a historic and significant event in our books.

The Statue was later dumped into Bristol Harbour:Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 19.11.46

In an odd response, the Home Secretary Piri Patel said in an interview with Sky News:

“Well I think that (the toppling of the statue) is utterly disgraceful, and that speaks to acts of disorder, public disorder, that actually have now becomes a distraction from the cause in which people are actually protesting about and try to emphasis and sympathise with. That is completely an unacceptable act, and that speaks to the vandalism again, as we saw yesterday in London, but sheer vandalism and disorder completely is unacceptable and it’s right, actually, that police follow up on that, and make sure that justice is taken, ¬†undertaken, with those individuals that are responsible for such disorderly and lawless behaviour.”

Imagine calling the toppling of the Statue of a SLAVE TRADER as “utterly disgraceful” – this isn’t a Republican Senator for the Deep South in the Untied States, this is our British Home Secretary who’s said that. Welcome to Tory Britain, I guess…

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