Government Advisor: The Lockdown was implemented TOO LATE and COST LIVES

SAGE member Prof. John Edmunds’ has said that the UK locked down too late and it’s ‘cost a lot of lives’ in a new damming revelation.

The BBC stated in an interview with Prof. John Edmunds that:

“Prof. John Edmunds, who attends meetings of the government’s scientific advisory body, Sage, said it was a “political decision” to lift lockdown and that “many” scientists would wait.”

In an interview in the same BBC report, Prof. John Edmunds stated the following:

“Clearly they (the Government) have made the decision, they’ve revealed their preferences; we could stay in lockdown, we could keep measures in place, and in Scotland for instance, we’ve just heard from your report, their not easing restrictions anywhere near as much – and in Wales as well – as much in England (has). The Government here in Westminster have clearly made a decision that this is the sort of level of incidence that they’re willing to tolerate. The level of incidence here in the UK is significantly higher than similar countries around Europe, but we’ve obviously decided that we can tolerate that level of incidence, or, the Government has.”

To repeat the point, and as the BBC summarised what Prof. John Edmunds said: it was a “political decision” to lift lockdown and that “many” scientists would wait.

Clearly the government aren’t following the science, as they repeatedly claim they do. Perhaps the Brexiteer government are once again “sick and tired of experts”. Bloody experts, trying to save lives…

Matt Hancock has cocked up by saying that going into lockdown late didn’t cost lives, and insinuated that if the UK did go into lockdown earlier, more lives WOULDN’T have been saved – it seems he lacks common logic.

The Second Wave is increasingly becoming more likely: “Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Prof Edmunds warned the R was “creeping up” in some places – with some reports suggesting it had gone above one in north-west England.”

Share this article far and wide. Stay home, stay safe, and keep your distance with others.


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