Scientists want Inquiry over CRAZY decision to ease lockdown early as “probable” Second Wave approaches

In a letter to The Guardian, 27 experts have warned that many more people may die if the country does not improve its response if another outbreak hits.

The letter said: ‘We call on all political parties to commit to a rapid, transparent, expert inquiry to address these issues. ‘This must avoid diverting the efforts of those responding to the crisis or apportioning blame but should propose feasible ways to overcome the obstacles faced by those on the front line of the response and help them to save lives.’

It’s already been reported that the track and trace app won’t be functioning till September – a scandal in itself.

This also adds to the Cummings scandal, where a Doctor quit working for the NHS as a response to Cummings refusal to resign and the PM’s refusal to sack him.

Hundreds are still dying every day, and on the 3rd June the UK had more recorded deaths than all of the 27 EU countries COMBINED. The UK still has the worst death toll in the European continent and the 2nd worst Globally – even if China is lying about their death rates, having the 3rd worst death toll is still no success – but despite this, Boris has declared himself “very proud” in terms of how he and his Government have dealt with this – we deem this not only laughable, but insulting.

To top all of this, we’d like to remind our readers that Boris was accused by Italian Health Minister, Pierpaolo Sileri, that in a conversation with Italian PM Guiseppe Conte, Boris wanted herd immunity.

The complete failures of the Government are all adding up – and we hope that Prime Minister and his Government is held accountable for their utter failures.

Today, on the 6th June, the day this article was published, marks the 76th Anniversary of D-Day, the Normandy Beach landings. Fascism was defeated, but continues to be a menace and threat to our society.

Share this article far and wide. Stay home, stay safe, and keep your distance with others.


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