Tories plummet in Polls, Trump threatens to shutdown social media

The Cummings fiasco has caused the Tories to lose their big lead over Labour in the polls.

YouGov’s poll for the Times found that the controversy engulfing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s aide Dominic Cummings, and Johnson’s refusal to sack him, has caused a serious hit on the government’s lead.

Support for the Conservatives dropped by 4 points to 44% in less than a week, and the main opposition Labour Party increased to 38% from 33%.

“Tory (Conservative) lead over Labour has fallen from 15pts to 6pts in less than a week, according to the latest YouGov/Times voting intention survey,” YouGov tweeted.

“The majority of Brits (57%) say the media have been fair in their reporting of the Dominic Cummings coronavirus row. This includes 41% of Conservative voters,” YouGov said.

“70% of Britons – and 59% of Conservative voters – say the Dominic Cummings coronavirus row will make it harder for the government to get future lockdown messaging across to the public,” they said.

In other news, as Trump’s tweets on twitter are being marked with fact-checking warnings, Trump responded by threats of possibly heavily regulating, and even potentially shutting down social media sites.


Last week, the president tweeted: “The radical left is in total command and control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google” and he intended to “remedy this illegal situation”.

It seems the UK Government is trying to catch up to the Trump…

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