Fascist Daily Mail: “LET OUR TEACHERS BE HEROES”- Is this Class Warfare?

The Fascist Daily Mail has shocked millions of Brits AGAIN with their open declaration to class warfare, as their front-page newspaper today, on the 15th May 2020, pushed forward the message that Unions should be pushed aside to allow teachers to return to work – risking their lives, along with the lives of their pupils.


Daily Mail Front-Page, 15th May 2020.

This front-page headline isn’t that different to dictatorships or Military Junta’s urging people to sign up to fight in the front-line in their unjust cause. It’s as if the Daily Mail wants a Second Deadly Wave.

They claim it’s the “militant unions” who are getting in the way of opening schools. If this is true, we thank those militant unions for common sense – people are still dying, and history tells us that a second wave is potentially imminent, and more deadly than the first, yet the Fascist Daily Mail is seemingly completely ignorant of this – as they of anything factual.

If the Daily Mail want to “be heroes” then they should get Jonathan Harmsworth and Rupert Murdoch to work at a NHS ward or another high-risk essential area rather than having their newspapers urge for more deaths – they know opening schools will increase the likelihood of the virus spreading, thus leading to more deaths.

The real question is – how the hell is posting this in anyway legal?? THEY KNOW IT WILL LEAD TO MORE DEATHS!!

They most likely want teachers to return to work so that the children’s parents can also return to work, thus ensuring the Deadly Second Wave that they seemingly crave – it’s either that or they’re just plain stupid, you pick which is likelier.

We could go on about how disgusting and evil this front-page headline is, but you’ll have opinions of your own.

Share this article far and wide. Stay home, stay safe, and keep your distance with others.

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