Is North Korea’s Kim Jong Un dead? Examining different sources

There are fears and rumours that North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, might actually be dead – or maybe in a vegetative state.

This comes from several sources: 

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Just Googling it, several sources pop up, however, the unreliable sources can, naturally be pushed aside.

Checking more reliables sources such as CNN, Reuters or the BBC (who, whatever you think of them, ARE more reliable with this sort of news piece – they wouldn’t confirm it without being absolutely certain) – this is what comes up:

In terms of the BBC, they merely stated there has been ‘intense’ speculation.  They examined when the rumour started : “Kim Jong-un recently missed the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on 15 April. This is one of the biggest events of the year, marking the birth of the nation’s founder.

Kim Jong-un has never missed it – and it seemed very unlikely that he would simply choose not to turn up.
Inevitably, his absence prompted speculation and rumour, none of which is easy to substantiate.

Kim Jong-un last appeared in state media on 12 April “inspecting a pursuit assault plane group” in a handout that is undated. As ever, the images portrayed him as relaxed and at ease.

We know he chaired a key political meeting the day before, from state media despatches. But he has not been seen since.”

In terms of Reuters, they reported on rumours that Chinese Medical Experts did go to North Korea to aid Kim Jong Un – but declined to say on what matter exactly. They also stated Trump thought the reports were incorrect, but didn’t state if he had been in recent contact with the North Korean leader.

In terms of CNN, they published a stark headline: US monitoring intelligence that North Korean leader is in grave danger after surgery – they did go into similar details of what the US intelligence service was saying and all the speculation, however, they did state “”It’s easy to be wrong on this one,” said John Delury, a professor of international relations at Yonsei University in Seoul.”

We’ll simply have to wait and see, but it can’t be denied that it seems something serious might have happened. May all of Korea, both North and South, live in peace and prosperity.

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