The Tories might punish NHS workers with more Austerity after the Pandemic

The pandemic rages on, but speculation about how the government might react after this is all well and truly over continues. Recently, former Chancellor George Osbourne, dubbed the ‘Architect of UK Austerity’ by Bloomberg, suggested more austerity is needed in order to pay the debts amounted by the Pandemic.

This would potentially mean a further squeeze on the NHS, along with Public Sector Wages – including frontline NHS Staff.

Austerity has been exposed as fraudulent and a political choice – not an economic necessity countless times. The multi-million and billionaires who are hoarding masses of wealth, despite having more than enough for a thousand life times, should be the ones who pay for this, if anyone does pay.

Stand up for yourselves, for your communities, and for those who risked their lives to tackle this Pandemic. NHS staff, along with the NHS budget, deserve pay rises, not pay cuts. If the Government can wipe off £13.4 Billion of NHS debts with a click of a finger, then they can abolish tuition fees and wipe off students debts too – and not just for NHS Nurses who had their bursaries stolen away from them so that this Tory Government could continue to give tax cuts to those who don’t need it.

Let’s ensure we learn from this – the ‘unskilled workers’ the Tories were bashing in January are absolutely necessary to our economy. Immigrants, who make up a large section of key-workers, aren’t the threat – it’s the super-rich tax avoiders who cause chronic underfunding of our public services.

It’s the janitors, the bin collectors, the shop workers, the teachers, the doctors, the nurses, the postal workers who are key to our economy – not the investment bankers or financiers in the City or Canary Wharf who are absolutely vital to our survival.

Learn from this – I fear most won’t, but only a small yet significant amount of people need to stop voting for this callous Tory government for all this to end.

We must all ensure to hold the current government to account. Share this article far and wide. Stay home, stay safe, and keep your distance with others.

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