The Tories are a threat to National Security

A decade of austerity and continuous poor decisions in the lead up to the current pandemic crisis has risked countless lives – the Tories and their disregard for people’s safety and security risks the security of our nation.

Austerity caused the NHS to almost crumble – it already continuously saw many crises due to the underfunding, back-door privatisation, and understaffing measures implemented by the Tories. They KNOWINGLY underfunded the NHS, even the Financial Times reported the following on the 1st April 2020:

“By the standards of European counterparts the NHS is badly underfunded, with fewer doctors and nurses, fewer hospital beds, and fewer precious ventilators. Until recently its annual budget was effectively frozen in real terms — against the estimated 4 per cent annual increase needed simply to keep pace with an ageing population and more sophisticated treatments. Independent studies show it lags well behind comparably rich nations in the treatment of killer conditions such as cancer and heart disease.”

Financial Times, 1st April 2020

This chronic underfunding of the NHS severely affected our preparations to handle the crisis – our brave frontline NHS workers have put their lives at risk without the right protection, and some have already died.

The Tories also failed to act by delaying any lockdown – on the 12th March, while France closed it’s schools and asked businesses to close-up shop and work from home, Boris announced to the nation: “I must level with you, level with the British public, many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time.” Herd immunity was being implemented.

No lockdown – even though France’s response was in itself considered quite a late response. Mountains of experts criticised the lack of action and the government’s strategy. 4 days later, on the 16th March, the herd immunity strategy was to be scrapped –  Johnson reversed course, ordering all citizens to “stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.” All those who could, needed to work from home. Schools were to be closed after Friday, 20th March.

This delayed response and complete disregard for our safety has had devastating consequences – even Matt Hancock tried to deny herd immunity was the initial government strategy, but he was exposed by the Guardian in their article on the 12th April, “Documents contradict UK government stance on Covid-19 ‘herd immunity'” – which can be read by clicking here.

The Tories were calling Corbyn a threat to National Security – yet they’re implementing Corbynomics by the handful, with NHS debts of £13.4 Billion being wiped off with a click of a finger, welfare spending booming – if Corbyn did anything the Tories are doing now, he’d be called a ‘Crazy Communist’ or something ridiculous. Had Corbyn been elected in 2017, we would have not only responded better, our ability to respond would have been better too. Socialist, government-interventionist policies, and not free-market economic libertarian policies that are keeping our country going.

We should have a public inquiry into all this once the pandemic is over to truly expose the extent of the government’s failures.

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