Twitter CEO donates $1 BILLION to fight Covid-19 – that’s 28% of his wealth

The CEO of Twitter, Comrade Jack Dorsey, has stated he will be giving $1 Billion (around £800 Million) of his wealth to help the global fight against Covid-19. Here’s what he tweeted:

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 13.43.12

This should hopefully encourage more multi-millionaires and billions to donate their masses of hoarded wealth. We salute you Jack Dorsey!

Jack co-founded Twitter in 2006 – his donation is so far the biggest. One of the richest people in the world, Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos donated ten times less, giving $100 million to food bank charity Feeding America – that’s less than 0.1% of Jeff Bezos’ $123 Billion fortune, according to the Guardian. That’s equivalent to giving away £500 if you have a net wealth of £5 Million – it’s appreciated for sure, but, you could give more, especially if you have $123 Billion – even giving ten times what Jack Dorsey gave would barley dent Jeff Bezos. Anyone would be happy with $10 Million, let alone $100 Million, $1 Billion, or $123 Billion. Jeff Bezos isn’t the only super rich person around – there are plenty of them, more than enough of them can donate 1% of their wealth – even that would be a stupendous amount.

The super-duper rich shouldn’t feel obliged to donate anything, but if they want to enjoy their wealth, they should consider donating considerable amounts to help tackle future pandemics – after all, the super-rich aren’t super-human, a simple virus can kill them too.

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