Keir could be more Radical than Corbyn due to Covid-19 – Austerity is dead

Many of the Labour-Left, or ‘Old’ Labour, are growing concerned as Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet shows his potential intent to shift Labour towards the ‘right’ of the Party in order to seize the centre-ground of the electorate.

However, context should be applied to the current situation. Let’s take ourselves to the post-2015 General Election, where out of the 4 possible potential leaders, Corbyn was the only candidate whom voted against the Tory Welfare Reform Bill out of all the leadership candidates – Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham abstained – this set Jeremy Corbyn apart early on, along with attracting Labour member’s to look into Corbny’s long standing voting record which spoke for itself.  Labour’s ‘austerity-lite’ offer to the General Public in 2015 by Ed Miliband failed, and the reluctancy of Labour members to back another austerity-lite candidate wasn’t going to happen.

Fast forward to 2020 – the situation is completely different. A decade of failed Austerity imploded not only onto the Tory Government’s face, but on all of our faces. Free-Market Capitalism almost abolish, Billions dished out in Social-Welfare spending, welfare claimants shooting up, £13.4 work of NHS debts wiped off in a click of the finger, hoards of people applauding the NHS, student debt’s for Nurses might be wiped with another click of a finger too – it’s almost as if Corbyn won the election in December and is implementing Socialism.

90730615_2972013769527724_8131163678843076608_nComrade Sunak?

Keir Starmer won’t, and simply after all that’s happened – can’t offer “austerity-lite” – it would be laughable after all that’s happened to even suggest a squeeze on our brave public-service workers after ALL they’ve done – they quite LITERALLY have risked their LIVES – some have died and sadly, more will. So far, all Eight Doctors who’ve died were immigrants. The Labour can’t adopt an austerity-lite position. Labour can’t join the “blame the immigrants” bandwagon, the “unskilled workers”, as labelled by this Government – are absolutely vital to our nation. We need the migrant workers that the Daily Mail and the Sun have been blasting and insulting.

Keir’s future threat is Brexit, because he’s a Remainer, and Labour lost heavily due to their Second Referendum position – lot’s of pundits will try to blame Corbyn, but Remainer’s have to question whether if actually, it was Labour’s position on Brexit, and even if Keir Starmer was leader for the December 2019, would he have performed better? As events unfold, we will see what the right-wing controlled media will do to attack Keir, or maybe their hand will be forced to concede to Keir’s vision for Britain.

One thing is for sure – never again will the Tories be able to blast Labour’s economic position when they’ve basically implemented Corbynism, taking a handful of policies from the 2019 Labour Manifesto. We mustn’t however, be so confident, as the British General Public, though applauding for the NHS, might yet again be easily wooed into voting to destroy the NHS as they have in the past four General Elections. Keir could start by potentially offering Universal Basic Income and abolishing not just NHS Student’s their debts, but all student debts.

For now, the fight against Covid-19 goes on.
Long live a fully-funded publicly-owned NHS!

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