Spain to introduce Universal Basic Income – first in Europe to do so

Spain is to become the roll out Universal Basic Income, according to several reputable sources such as the Independent, Forbes and Bloomberg.

According to the Independent:

“Minister for economic affairs Nadia Calvino told Spanish broadcaster La Sexta on Sunday night that the move was intended to help families during the pandemic.”

They added that the Deputy Prime Minister wished to seek a way to make Universal Basic Income a permanent feature so that it, in his words, “stays forever, that (it) becomes a structural instrument, a permanent instrument”.

Many people in the UK, despite the government’s unprecedented and historic support package, isn’t enough for countless people who are falling through the temporary safety net that the government is trying to provide.

The current UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, rejected the idea of Universal Basic Income after a cross party 170 MPs and Lords called for a temporary form Universal Basic Income, demanding payments to “give everyone the financial support they need to provide for themselves and their families” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Chancellor Mr. Sunak stated “We’re not in favour of a universal basic income, although we have strengthened the safety net for the most vulnerable in our society with over £7bn invested in improving our welfare system.”

This, however, was not completely dismissed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson – the Independent reported on the 24th March that: “Just last week, Boris Johnson did not rule out a universal basic income during prime minister’s questions, telling MPs he would “certainly consider” such a scheme.”

As the crisis continues and the economy continues to worsen, and as more and more people run out of money, Universal Basic Income will potentially become more and more viable – as it isn’t just the most vulnerable in our society who’ve been deeply effected, but Middle Class families too – potentially

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is still in hospital, and we here at Franglish Politics continue to wish him a speedy recover.

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