Can Labour win a landslide with new leader Kier Starmer?

It’s official – Kier Starmer has been elected as the new leader of the Labour Party. Out of the three candidates, Kier was conceived to be the more ‘electable’ candidate, even by right-wing pundits such as former Tory Chancellor, and now editor of the Evening Standard, George Osbourne.

Kier Starmer faces a number of difficulties politically. Firstly, how should he respond as the leader of the opposition to the current pandemic? The current government under Boris Johnson has had failings, such as it’s initial herd-immunity strategy, then delayed response, and further more the failure to provide PPE and testing to NHS frontline staff as a bare minimum, let alone to the general population. How will he criticise the government at a time of genuine crisis?

There have been suggestions a National Government could be formed, as we had during the Second World War where Clement Attlee and other Labour figures from the time joined the Conservative government to form the National Government at the time. Would this be the right move? Would it deflect Tory failures onto him?

Another topic we’ve all forgotten could come back in the future to bite him – Brexit. Kier was a Remainer, and when this topic comes back again, how will the British Public react? With the current pandemic unfolding, it’s impossible to say.

This pandemic might change British society forever, and might keep Kier to the left of Labour as it has proven Corbyn right on many issues. Maybe any candidate might just win a landslide anyway as it’ll be easier to defend Labour policies as they’re being implemented by the handful. Maybe people will be fooled into austerity measures again if the right-wing controlled media convince them so.

This is new territory, but Kier does have the potential to swing key liberal-minded voters who’ve voted for Labour before. We at Franglish Politics wish Kier Starmer the best of luck

Franglish Politics

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