Could Corbyn join Boris in Government?

We are indeed at War. The invisible enemy has already taken the lives of thousands, and it plans to take more. It’s taken many of their dignity, it’s plunged the world economy into crisis, and has stopped our plans for the near (and perhaps distant) future into the trash bin.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The government has already stepped in and responded with a historic economic plan to aid the British public and British business – this, however, isn’t enough.

We must not go into the politics of appeasement. We cannot make deals with Covid-19 – it is out to get us. Friends, it is time for a National War-Time Government. We must unite as a nation, as we did during the Second World War when Churchill and Attlee united to form a National Government then. Citizens and Subjects – Aux Armes! Stay at Home!

God Save the Queen.

Franglish Politics

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