Brexit is impossible thanks to British Parliamentary Democracy

The disaster of Theresa May’s Brexit deal has proven one thing – no matter what happens, a Brexit deal will never pass parliament, and MPs will never allow a no deal.

Theresa May’s Brexit deal offered the country a soft-brexit option, but because it was soft-brexit, back-bench Tory MPs who were for a hard-brexit voted, along with Tory MPs who are completely against a Brexit forced the PM to delay the ‘meaningful’ vote – which will also not produce a majority in Parliament. Labour MPs would en masse vote against it no matter the quality of the deal, because at the end of the day, it is Theresa May’s deal.

The same will apply if a General Election is called and Labour win. If Jeremy Corbyn gets a decent deal from the E.U (thats considering he can get a extension on the 29th March deadline) – Labour MPs who are against Brexit would still vote against it, because they’ll have the backing of Labour Party Members. The Conservatives would naturally vote against it too – as even if it’s a good deal, they’d never vote for a deal created by Jeremy Corbyn – it would boost his poll ratings. A deal will never be agreed on in Parliament because MPs are too divided and Party Politics will get in the way of MPs coming together. It must be stressed that No Deal will NOT happen because MPs will vote against it, as much as the PM threatens and prepares for one – she isn’t a dictator.

This would only leave on option – a People’s Vote.

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