Here’s how Labour should offer a 2nd Referendum

As Theresa May’s ‘soft’ Brexit deal is very unpopular, and a hard Brexit would most likely be blocked by Parliament as it would be too disastrous for the country, a 2nd referendum is becoming more and more likely.

One thing that’s becoming more and more likely too is a Labour Government – Theresa May may have survived a No-Confidence vote within her own Party, but the House of Commons can still kick her out – and if 117 of her own MPs voted against her, it looks very likely she’ll be kicked out of the job no matter what. According to the HuffPost, talks between the DUP and the Labour Party are taking place at a ‘senior-level’ – though the DUP Whip denies it. The HuffPost is claiming that a likely No-Confidence Motion will be pushed by Labour and supported by the DUP should the upcoming talks in Brussels show no sign of a fundamental change to May’s current Brexit plan.

A Labour victory is very likely to follow if a Genera Election is called – but Labour will have problems of their own, even if they do have a sizeable majority.

Both a majority of Party Members and a big chunk of MPs (loyal to Corbyn and anti-Corbyn) don’t want Brexit at all. Labour have ruled a a No-Deal Brexit, but would MPs and the people support Labour’s version of Brexit?

Just over two weeks ago, John McDonnell said that a second referendum was “inevitable” if a snap General Election didn’t come around, but as circumstances have changed, would a Labour Government be forced to have Second Referendum if it’s Brexit deal fails?

One way to satisfy everyone with a Second Referendum would be to have it via a Supplementary Vote system – offer voters 3 choices:

Soft Brexit – Britain will leave the European Union while staying within elements of it such as the Customs Union and the European Convention on Human Rights

Hard Brexit – Britain will leave the European Union completely, this includes being completely out of things such as the Customs Union and the European Convention on Human Rights

Reverse Brexit – Britain will un-revoke article 50 and will completely remain within the European Union, as it legally has a right to do this on it’s own without the consultation of the other 27 E.U Member States.

Here’s what we mean by a Supplementary Vote system:

The Supplementary Vote system is used to elect the Mayor of London and other elected mayors in England and Wales.

The SV system is very similar to the AV system. Under SV, voters are limited to a first and second preference choice. A voter marks a cross in one column for their first preference candidate and another cross in a second column for their second preference (if they wish to do so).

The ballot papers are counted and if an option received more than 50 per cent of the first preference votes on the first count, then that option wins.

If no option reaches the 50 per cent threshold, the two options with the highest number of votes are retained and the other option are eliminated. The second preferences on the ballot papers of the eliminated option are counted and any cast for the two remaining options are transferred. The candidate with the most votes at the end of this process is elected.

(Source: Parliament UK)


This will ensure that people are not voting on a complete abstract idea (which is what the British people did in 2016) and that the people will completely know which course it wants to take their nation down to.

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