Brexit vote cancelled by Theresa May after Tory rebel threat

Prime Minister Theresa May has cancelled tomorrow’s Brexit vote – she will make a statement later today to MPs on what will happen after.

Cabinet ministers had been summoned to urgent talks in a conference call, amid pressure from several ministers for the government to pull back from the brink of a crushing defeat.

More than 100 Tory MPs have spoken out against the deal.

Jeremy Corbyn seized on the announcement as proof that the UK no longer had a “functioning government”, calling for Labour’s approach to be adopted.

On top of all this, according to the Independent, the British Pound Sterling has tumbled against the dollar and the euro after Theresa May delayed a Parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal which was previously scheduled for Tuesday evening.

British Pound Sterling fell 0.91 per cent against the euro, to €1.1083, and dropped 0.51 per cent against the greenback to hit $1.2661.

Simon Harvey, FX analyst at Monex Europe, said: “When the market thought uncertainty had finally peaked, May’s delay proves it wrong.”

What is clear is that Theresa May has done this to stay in power, as if she lost tomorrow’s vote, her days at No.10 would be numbered. We ask, is it fair that she’s doing this?

There are high hopes that Labour will push a vote of no confidence very soon and act to stop all this.

When will this embarrassment end? When will Theresa May go? We’ll have to wait and see…

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