Corbyn could be PM by Christmas

As Theresa May’s Brexit deal doesn’t look very likely to pass the Commons vote, will a snap election be held in December? And would Corbyn’s Labour win said election, making Britain have a Socialist Christmas? Let us explore the possibilities…

Though a recent opinion poll put the Tories 3 points ahead of Labour, making it seem that despite all the noise created by Hard-Brexiteers and Remainers, Theresa May’s seemingly Soft-Brexit deal could be a hit with the majority of ‘silent’ voters who don’t openly declare their position but vote, however, as people will not be voting on the deal and it will be MPs, it seems that her deal will not pass as Labour have made it clear that they will vote against her deal, and as she barley has a majority with the DUP, just a few Tory rebels will produce enough votes to bring down her Brexit bill, ensuring her downfall, and the early election.

Even if, as the snow, the election comes after Christmas and the New Year celebrations, what seems clear is that Corbyn might very soon be moving into No.10 Downing Street – and according to Jo Johnson MP (Boris’s brother), May’s Brexit deal could lead Tories to a 1997-style defeat! If so, it would be another historic change, as Corbyn’s Labour was over 20 points behind when the 2017 General Election was called! What a turnaround that would be…

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