A Very British Coup: Is the Government on the Brink of Collapse?

As resignation’s pile on, and as Jacob Rees-Mogg even went as far as to submit a letter of no confidence after challenging Theresa May in the Commons, is Theresa May about to be ousted?

People online have joked about a possible “coup” being organised as you read this against Theresa May and her Premiership, but how much does she have to worry about?

The hard Brexiteers of her party have from the start have been against her, sometimes forcing her hand and changing what she perhaps wanted to do in terms of negotiating Britain’s future relations with the EU.

Her big weakness came from the fact that she called the 2017 General Election, and despite being more than 20 points ahead in the polls at the start (which would have won her a 1997 & 2001-style landslide for the Tories), she lost her majority, being just about propped up by the DUP.

She was originally for Remain, but people can accept the outcome of a referendum, however, was it wise to have someone who didn’t really believe in Brexit to lead the country into it?

If a vote of no confidence did happen in the Commons, it doesn’t seem likely her government would collapse as nearly everyone in the Labour Party would love any chance to oust the Tories.

The risk for Britain is that a hardcore Conservative Brexiteer would take over and lead the country into a hard-Brexit – something that would leave the country even more bitterly divided.

The events unfolding before our eyes could crash our country into chaos or just reverse Brexit as we’re all getting sick of it all.

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