Brexit could lead to MORE Immigration

As Britain looks to create new trade deals, immigration could go up as part of a deal with nations such as China and India.

Relaxing requirements for Visa’s and Work Permits might be a key negotiation tactic for many nations when Britain seeks to create new trade deals, especially as Britain seems to be heading more towards a ‘No Deal’ point in the ongoing negotiations with the E.U.

A lot of people who wanted to control and reduce immigration voted Leave. They perhaps didn’t realise leaving the European Union could mean that more non-E.U persons would have it easier entering and settling in the UK legally.

Xenophobia and attacks against ethnic minorities increased after the Brexit vote, with many of those who committed racist attacks assuming that because Britain was leaving the E.U, people from Pakistan, which, along with Indian and Polish expats, whom make up a large proportion of ethnic minorities in Britain, will be leaving Britain, despite India and Pakistan not being part of the European Union. Little do they know, the exact opposite might happen as more could be coming to the UK.

Taking back control doesn’t mean lower immigration.

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