Trump & Kim hail ‘new era’

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un went from threatening Nuclear Holocaust a year ago, to being peace keepers on this historical day.

The pair shook hands at a luxury hotel in Singapore’s Sentosa island before proceeding to talks.

They have been discussing defusing tensions and nuclear disarmament.

They are the first sitting US president and North Korean leader to meet.

My analysis compares this a lot to Reagan and Gorbachev, when Ronald Reagan, while President, called the Soviet Union the ‘evil empire’ and heightened tensions during the Cold War, only to later to meet up with the USSR leader in the Reykjavik Summit in Iceland, calming tensions and coming to peaceful agreements.

maxresdefaultReagan during his ‘Evil Empire’ speech

reagan-gorbachev.jpgReagan and Gorbachev shake hands after heightened tensions, ushering a new era of peace.

It seems we’re back to the 80s.

More to follow….

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