Israel & Iran: On the brink of war?

Many are asking what’s going on in the Middle East as tensions between Israel & Iran seem to be at an all time high.

After Donald Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 Iran, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that early on Thursday morning 20 rockets had been launched at its forward posts in the Golan Heights by the Quds Force, the overseas operations arm of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

Israel responded by bombing Damascus and shelling Iranian bases in Syria in their biggest attack against the region since 2011, claiming they had hit “dozens” on targets.

Both the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres and the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini appealed for restraint.

In Damascus, a Greek reporter asked President Bashar al-Assad if Syria would be the venue for world war three. His response: “No, for one reason: because fortunately, you have a wise leadership in Russia.

In a phone call to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Theresa May condemned the Iranian rocket attacks, but called for “calm on all sides.”

The unstable situation continues.

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