Labour lead polls as Tory MP forced to apologise over Corbyn spy lies

The Labour Party has retaken the lead in the polls as Tory MP Ben Bradley was not only forced to officially apologise to Corbyn for his false claims that Corbyn was a colluder with the Communist regime of the former Czechoslovakia, he has also had to give a undisclosed sum of money to a charity of Corbyn’s choice, along with paying for Corbyn’s legal fees.

In terms of the polls, in a new YouGov poll, Labour are 2 points ahead of the Tories, as they extend their lead to 42 points, over the Tories 40 points – this is the first poll since the claims emerged that Corbyn was a possible colluder.

This is not the first time a Labour leader was labelled as a communist spy – the former Prime Minister and Labour leader Harold Wilson, who suddenly resigned in 1976 for unexplained reasons, hired two BBC journalists to investigate how the British Establishment undermined Harold Wilson’s democratically elected government and possibly threatened Harold Wilson with a coup due to false rumours that he was a Soviet spy – a BBC documentary on this can be watched by clicking here (The Plot Against Harold Wilson, BBC 2006).

I wrote an article back in August 2017 questioning if a coup against Corbyn was possible if he became Prime Minister, that can be read by clicking here.

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