15th anniversary of anti-Iraq war protest

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the largest protest march in UK history. On this day in 2003, an estimated million-plus people marched in London in protest at Britain going to war in Iraq.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who at the time was a back-bench MP and a leading figure of the Stop the War Coalition, made a speech to the crowds in Hyde Park, stating that war in Iraq would “set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, that will fuel the wars of the future.”

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Towards the end of his speech, Corbyn went on to say:

“Our message, our message today here in London, a million and more strong, is this. We want to live in a world free from war. The way to free us from the scourge of war is to free ourselves from the scourge of injustice, of poverty, and the misery that’s associated with that. This movement, this movement is giving that message to the British government. Stop now, or pay a political price.

Thank you very much.”

His full speech can be watched by clicking here.

Corbyn’s foreign policy of peace over war continued over the years, and was one of the reasons why he gained popularity during the Labour leadership election, following the defeat in the 2015 general election. His record speaks for itself, and people have recognised that.

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