Financial Times: Brexit already costing us £350m a week

The Financial Times has recently reported that according to its research and estimates, our economy is losing out £350m a week.

We all remember the promise of the Vote Leave campaign, £350m a week for NHS. they stuck their promise on the side of the famous big red campaign buses and drove around the country knowingly lying to the nation.  The scam was immediately revealed after the referendum results, as everyone in Vote Leave disassociated themselves from the promise.

The irony now is not only will our NHS not be receiving the extra £350m a week, our economy is losing £350m a week:

“The Financial Times suggesting that the value of Britain’s output is now around 0.9 per cent lower than was possible if the country had voted to stay in the EU. That equates to almost exactly £350m a week lost to the British economy — an irony that will not be lost on those who may have backed Leave because of the claim made on the side of the bus.”

You can read the Financial Time’s report on this by clicking here.

This is on top of the £50bn Brexit divorce bill we could be paying after Theresa May bowed to EU pressure.

The British Pound Sterling (£) is still suffering due to Brexit, continuously hovering at around 1.1€ for £1 – levels we haven’t seen for eight years.

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