Tories label Christmas as “Pro-Corbyn Commie Propaganda”

The Tories have blasted Christmas as a “commie-wommie socialist red pro-Corbyn typical BBC bias” as Britain gets into the festive season.

With films such as “Scrooge” and “Its a Wonderful Life” blasted throughout the season, the Tories have complained that the messages of sharing, compassion, not being greedy,  thinking about the less fortunate, and other “socialist tendencies” isn’t fair and that more films that depict austerity and poverty in a better light should be shown during the holidays.

“This is blatant BBC bias!” One Tory said. He added: “All this caring about the poor nonsense is exactly what we fought against during the Cold War, we might as well put a red star on top of our Christmas Tree and sing the red flag!!”

Others have complained that the idea of a bearded old man in red giving gifts to young impressionable kids doesn’t help the Tories as many young people flocked to vote Labour in this years summer election.

We hope you enjoyed our satirical article. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Franglish Politics!

Franglish Politics

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