Hard Brexit will be a Right-Wing Coup

As the Tories plan to scrap EU rules on work hours and paid holidays, it’s becoming evidently clear; a hard brexit will mean a right wing coup.

It won’t be in favour of workers rights, it’ll strip workers rights that are protected under current EU-based laws. It won’t be in favour of or improve the perks we enjoy from our membership of the EU, such as paternity pay and environmental protections (covering things from CO2 levels in the air to how clean our shores and seasides will legally have to be).

A lot of people voted Brexit to “stick it” to the establishment, multinational corporations – the rich. A hard brexit could seriously aid the super rich and multinational corporations by cutting tax and turning Britain into a tax heaven on the shores of the EU, not to mention the potential for introducing more deregulation that aids multinationals crush workers rights (things such as pay, paternity, and work conditions).

The Tories are already planning to decimate our public services and the welfare state by continuing on with Austerity – despite the fact they forecasted it to end years ago and get  the deficit wiped, along with debt repayments (which obviously hasn’t been achieved and won’t be achieved for a while). Austerity will continue under a hard brexit, along with the continuation of already rising costs. Those who are, as Mrs May put it, “just about managing” will continue to see their wages stagnate and the cost of living rise above inflation. The sad irony of this will be that the working-class communities who voted for Brexit to shake up the system in their economic favour will be the worst effected.

It has also been ironically revealed by the Financial Times that the UK economy had suffered a loss of potential 0.9% growth, that’s around £350 million a week – the same amount that Brexiteers promised for our NHS but immediately ditched post-referendum. So much for “taking back control.”

It is becoming abundantly clear that a Hard Brexit won’t work for the many, it’ll work for the privileged few.

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