New poll shows Labour could win landslide in next election

A new poll has shown that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has sky rocketed to a new peak in the polls.

According to Survation, Labour is 8 points ahead of the Conservatives. Survation is the same pollsters who predicted the the 2017 General Election most accurately.

State of the parties – December 3rd (changes vs Survation polling 4th-5th October)
LAB 45% (+1) CON 37% (-1) LD 6% (-1) UKIP 4% (NC) SNP 3% (NC) GRE 1% (NC) AP 3% (NC)

This would not only allow Labour to win an overall majority, but as many marginal seats have appeared since the summer election, Labour could go further and beyond, winning potentially an overall landslide victory.

This is quite a different story from those 20+ point lead Theresa May’s Tories had only a few months ago. The shambles of the Brexit negotiations has nearly destroyed the reputation and confidence the public had in Theresa May’s leadership.

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