Corbyn gives power to members, is labelled as “power grab”

Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to give Labour Party members more power is being described as a “power grab.”

This is despite the idea of members having more of a say being exactly the opposite. Apparently these days giving power to the people isn’t democratic.

This curious description comes by Political Home (read their article here), who described the proposed changes that are likely to pass as making it “virtually certain that another left-winger will be able to stand when Mr Corbyn eventually stands down.”

These comments come as it seems likely that the proposed change in how a Labour Party Leader Cabdidate is selected (candidate needing 10% MP nomination instead of 15%) is likely to pass at the Labour Party conference.

Would these comments be made if Tony Blair had made these reforms?

The reason members got more of a say in Corbyn’s election as Party leader is because despite David Miliband getting more party member votes, his brother Ed became leader due to Trade Union votes, hence the reform.

We wish everyone a happy International Peace Day.

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