David Miliband demands second EU referendum to halt Brexit

David Miliband, a former Labour Minister and the brother of former leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband has said there needs to be a second referendum on Britain’s membership with the European Union on order to avoid “unparalleled act of self harm.”

The ex-foreign secretary said Brexit was an “unparalleled act of self-harm” and risked being a “stitch-up” if people were not given another say on the terms of the UK’s exit from the bloc.

He insisted “democracy did not end” on the date of the EU referendum last year.

Writing for the Observer yesterday, David Miliband also stated that “the implementation of the EU referendum decision has been rash and chaotic. The timing and content has been governed by factions in the Tory party. Our negotiating position is a mystery – even on immigration.”

He said that “the case against the EU depends on avoiding a discussion of the alternative. It is the equivalent of voting to repeal Obamacare without knowing the replacement.”

David Miliband was seen as a potential successor to Gordon Brown, with many people describing him as someone to continue what Tony Blair started and to revive New Labour, but he lost to his more left-leaning brother, Ed Miliband, in the 2010 leadership election, despite more members voting for him; the Union’s backed his brother over him.

It is said had he became leader, Labour would have won the 2015 General Election as he was the more charismatic and popular Miliband. Had Labour won the 2015 General Election, there wouldn’t have been a referendum on our membership with the European Union. David Miliband campaigned to for Britain to remain in the European Union as he would have liked to see Britain to continue what Tony Blair wanted and aimed for – for Britain to lead Europe within the E.U.

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