Corbyn urges the US and North Korea to “calm down”

Jeremy Corbyn has asked Trump and Kim Jong-un to “calm down” as tensions heighten  between the two nations.

Speaking in Bristol, Mr Corbyn said: “We cannot play fast and loose with nuclear weapons and nuclear threats because do you know what – a nuclear explosion doesn’t stop at national borders, it doesn’t stop at the vicinity where the bomb dropped.”

He continued: “The results of it go on for decades. We’ve just commemorated Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day. In 1945 those bombs set off and the consequences are still there.”

“I ask them both (Trump and Kim Jong-un) – calm down”

“There are phone calls that could be made, there’s discussions that could be held. Surely, in the interests of sanity and safety over the whole world, do it.”

Corbyn has a known anti-nuclear weapon stance, and has campaigned agains nuclear weapons for most of his life, joining the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in 1966 and later on becoming one of it’s three Vice-Chairs.

The crisis continues with massive uncertainty. Prime Minister Theresa May has yet to make an official statement on the crisis.

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