Is a Coup against a PM Corbyn possible?

If Corbyn became Prime Minister, is it possible that a military coup in 21st Century Britain could take place?

Some would say any suggestions of such a thing is ridiculous, something a conspiracy theorist would say or someone who watched or read “A very British coup” and had gotten over themselves.

However, we have to explore this possibility, as it has allegedly threatened a Labour government before.

A one Harold Wilson famously resigned in 1976 – no one expected it, many asked “Why now?” After he resigned, Wilson hired two BBC journalists to investigate how establishment figures and the secret service tried to threaten Harold Wilson’s administration with a military coup to overthrow him over rumours that he was a Soviet agent and had been made Labour leader after the supposedly suspicious death of the previous Labour Party leader, Hugh Gaitskell.

You can watch a BBC documentary on this by clicking here.

Now the Cold War may be over, and the idea that Corbyn is some sort of secret sleeper agent for a non-existent Soviet Union might be downright ridiculous, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t threaten the establishment and that there are powerful unelected forces that have the means to remove him.

Corbyn has been arguably the most radical Labour leader in living memory – even arguably more radical than Michael Foot. If Corbyn came to power and tried to transform Britain to benefit the many and not those established few, all hell could break loose. Every word he utters, every legislation he tries to pass, will be heavily scrutinised, not to mention his different outlook on foreign policy that could disturb the balance of power in untold ways and situations.

Don’t assume in the 21st century a military coup couldn’t take place – citizens, beware!

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