£36 Billion Brexit Bill could fund 66 new Hospitals

At least 66 new hospitals are one of the many things the Brexit bill could buy us if we don’t pay up, it has been revealed
Many people are taking issue that there might be a very costly divorce bill, which could be as high as £100 billion or as low as £36 billion – money it seems the UK exchequer doesn’t seem to have lying around. If you take £36 billion, the lowest figure suggested, that would be more than enough to fund many things, as the Daily Express has pointed out:

Nurses: 1,626,898

Police constables: 1,857,297

Trainee firefighters: 1,635,100

GPs: 349,514

Eurofighter typhoon fighter jets: 336

Type 45 frigates: 33

Infantrymen: 1,306,430

Challenger II tanks: 8,536

IVF cycles: 7,200,000

Kadcyla breast cancer treatments: 400,000

Hip operations: 6,000,000

Major hospitals: 66

New secondary schools: 1,440

Trainee teachers: 1,602,350

Lifetime of text books per pupil: 57,142,857

Libaries: 255,319

Does Britain have a magic money tree to pay the E.U at least £36 billion? We’ll find out soon enough!

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