Daily Mail exposed falsely attacking Diane Abbott on Dalston riots

The Daily Mail’s online format, Mail Online, was exposed falsely attacking Diane Abbott by the Hackney North and Stoke Newington Member of Parliament herself.

The Mail Online publish an article about the Dalston riots in Hackney, East London, and how, according to them, the local MP Diane Abbott defended the rioters.

The headline was the following:

“‘Understandable anger’: Local MP Diane Abbott defends rioters who hurled petrol bombs at police in Hackney over death of man as he was arrested but calls for calm amid fears of new London riots.”

This caused a reaction by the outraged MP on Facebook and Twitter, stating that: “Today’s Mail online claims I defended the hurling of petrol bombs at police – here’s there headline vs. what I actually said. I am disgusted.” The Facebook post shows where they falsely paraphrased her from. Here is her quote where they misrepresented her views:

“The anger and upset at the death of Rashan Charles is understandable. But Rashan’s family have explicitly spoken out against hostile action. We must respect their wishes and any protests must be peaceful.” – Diane Abbott MP

The Daily Mail clearly mixed up the word ‘support’ for ‘understandable.’ If you understand why something has happened, it does not mean you empathise or support it. Simple enough? Clearly not for the folks down at Daily Mail HQ.

This is not the first time the Hackney MP has been targeted by the right-wing media, as we exposed the media’s silence on the Prime Minister Theresa May’s bigger gaffs than Dianne Abbott’s police numbers.

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