Jacob Rees-Mogg: Next PM?

As Theresa May’s days seemed numbered, we explore the question: Who is going to replace her?

The bookies have Boris as the favourite, but is he too tainted? As the main figure head of the Vote Leave campaign, Boris was the one, the main figure head, pushing £350 million for the NHS – something many prominent figures disassociated themselves from immediately post-referendum. It seems likely the public wouldn’t believe him on not only the NHS, but many other issues – any promise he makes would damage him and allow Corbyn to dig in deep with attacks, especially on topics like health as Labour’s record on the NHS speaks for itself.

Boris is, however, a popular figure, he did win two London Mayoral elections despite the city being a mostly Labour-voting Metropolitan.

Boris does have celebrity status with not only the British public but on a world stage and has had a lot of exposure. He has had a gaffe or two, but his bumbling clown-like figure often has saved him from disaster – however this might be his weakness as well as his strength, as the Tory ‘establishment’ might not see him as a serious person and might be uncomfortable leaving him the keys to No. 10, though he is a clever and talented man, very able, having gone both to Eton and Oxford.

Another problem Boris may face is the legacy of the previous leadership debate – the drama that ensued might leave a bitter taste in not only in Boris’s mouth as his long-time friend Michael Gove backstabbing him might have persuaded him out of a leadership race so soon, however it might make him more keen too, and might make other MP’s more sympathetic towards him, or maybe it has divided the party more on those grounds too, it’s impossible to tell.

Enter Jacob Rees-Mogg. A prominent figure in his own right, he’s known as ‘the Honourable Member for the 18th Century’ due to the his fashion sense and mannerism.

We at Franglish Politics think he is perfect to replace Theresa May. A key figure in the Vote Leave campaign, he’s someone who will push for a better Brexit than the one that Theresa May would achieve, a Brexit that truly benefits Britain. Andrea Leadsom missed her chance, Michael Gove as leader is a joke, and the rest just seem either too young, inexperienced, or very, very boring. Just as Corbyn revived the old left, he proved old romanticism can be popular. Jacob embodies the old romanticism of a Britain in ‘the good old days,’ images of green fields and cottages and William Blake’s Jerusalem instantly flush the mind. His poshness might attract aspirational voters who want to be wealthy themselves rather than making people think he lives on a different planet, as they want to live on his plant.

He has a following too, Facebook pages such as “Can’t Clog the Mogg,” “Middle Class Memes for Rees-Moggian Teens,” and “Jacob Rees-Mogg for Prime Minister” have thousands of likes amongst them.

If Jacob Rees-Mogg runs in any up coming Conservative Party leadership contest, he has our support and approval.

by Berk Bektas

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