Corbyn has killed New Labour

As Labour Party moderates eat humble pie and admit they were wrong about Corbyn, one thing is certain: New Labour is dead.

We all remember the constant struggle Corbyn faced from his own party – constant criticism, resignations and disassociation from his own MP’s, leaking party secrets to the press and Conservative Party HQ (CCHQ) to undermined his leadership and performance at Prime Minister’s Questions, a coup attempt to try to topple him… Corbyn has suffered a lot from party moderates as the Labour Party descended into civil war.

All because they saw him as unelectable, someone who could win and would annihilate the party in a general election.

The election on June 8th proved them all wrong. Corbyn inspired the youth to go and vote, and instead of Theresa May wining a landslide victory, Corbyn gained seats and the Conservatives lost their majority.

The following days saw many of Corbyn’s critics admit they were wrong; Party moderates such as Owen Smith, Harriet Harman, even Peter Mandelson all admitting they were perhaps wrong about him.

It seems after these elections, Corbyn has silenced party critics from within and has ended the civil war – the idea that a left wing Labour Party can’t win is dead, as Corbyn out-performed Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, and got more votes than Tony Blair’s 2001 and 2005 election results.

If a disunited Labour Party can knock out the Tory majority, then who knows what a United Labour Party can do?

by Berk Bektas

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