Labour ahead of Tories in polls as they shoot up to 45 points

After a disastrous election, Theresa May looks royally screwed – as Labour shoot up 6 points ahead of the Conservatives.

A Survation poll on June 10th found that the Labour Party have shot up to 45 points, while the Tories collapsed to 39 points – Labour command a 6 point lead.

This comes as the disastrous results for Theresa May as she called an election to increase her majority – only to lose it. She is now is in control of a minority government that will be propped up by the DUP – though the details of the negotiations are still ongoing. It is unlikely her reigns on power will last long, as the Tories look to oust her sooner rather than later.

Theresa May commanded a 21-point lead at the start of the election campaign, which would have given her a landslide victory, only to have it dashed to 2 points as Labour gained 40% of the popular vote with the Tories on 42%.

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