Tories spent £1.2 Million on anti-Corbyn ads – and failed

It has been revealed that the Conservative Party spent a lot of money on Facebook ads attacking Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, according to a recent Metro article.

Sir Lynton Crosby, who was knighted following the successful 2015 election, was responsible for the campaign.

However, it seems Labour and Corbyn’s positive campaigning was more effective, and groups like Grime4Corbyn, online comedians and meme makers cost Labour nothing and reached out to young people.

According to researchers, Tory attack ads targeted far too narrowly. ‘Who Targets Me?’ claimed people in just 205 constituencies saw adverts from the Conservatives. That was less than half the constituencies targeted by Labour.

It seems Corbyn won the online campaign, as most young people engaged with his positive message – and went out to vote for him in record numbers.

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