Conservative? Here are 5 quick reasons why you should vote Labour this time.

Consider yourself a ‘small c’ Conservative and still aren’t tempted to vote Labour? Here a few reasons you should consider before voting.

1. Austerity

It’s failed. We all know it has. We’ve had 7 years of it, and we still have a budget deficit, plus the Conservatives have borrowed more these past 7 years than every single Labour government combined – we’re basically paying to have our public services slashed. Why shouldn’t we try to end austerity to invest into the country? Shouldn’t we have faith in the British people enough to invest into them, their communities, their schools, hospitals – their future. If we can afford tax cuts to the richest in society we can afford to invest into mainstream society. Labour’s plan to tax the 5% richest in society is totally fair – they’ll still be rich! And raising corporation tax slightly (it’ll still be lower than the average corporation tax of G7 nations and lower than the rate of 2010) is very sensible and won’t put off corporations as, as we just mentioned, the rate will still be relatively low. It wasn’t nurses, doctors, or teachers who crashed the economy but the bankers – the wealthiest in society. And if you’re wealthy, don’t you think it’s worth paying a bit more tax to live in a decent society?

2.  Foreign policy

Corbyn is a man of peace. Many of his critics would question his relations with the IRA, but he was always after one thing: Peace. It was achieved. In order to achieve peace, what do you do? You reach out and have talks. You can’t bomb your way to peace. Corbyn’s opposition to the Iraq War speaks for his self. In a speech he made during the anti-war demonstrations in 2003, he said the Iraq would “set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation, that will fuel the wars, the conflicts, the terrorism, the depression and the misery of future generations….we want to live in a world free from war.” 14 years on, I’ll leave it for you, the reader, to judge who was on the right side of history. His speech can be watched here. Oh and May selling weapons to Saudi Arabia… tut tut.

3. Tuition fees

They’re shameful, and prove that older generations have failed the young so much so, that they’re shoving them into debt before they even go out into the world. John McDonnell was spot on with this topic, stating “education is a gift that should be passed on from one generation to another, not a commodity to be bought and sold.”

4. Policing

Who thought before 2010 that a Conservative government would or could cut policing? Theresa May saw 20,000 police officers being cut. Even Peter Hitchens stated he couldn’t believe it in a Question Time appearance. Labour will reinvest into the police force – you can’t protect people on the cheap.

5. The Conservative Party

A defeat for the Conservatives might put them in their place. It will force them not to take the electorate for granted and make them think deep and hard about why they lost. While in opposition, David Cameron’s transformation of the Party and his modernisation and diversification was very good not only for the Party, but for British politics in general. It was only because of the 2008 crash this process came to somewhat of a halt and the Tories returned to being the ‘nasty party.’ A defeat for the Conservatives would be very healthy indeed for British democracy.

On June the 8th, we here at Franglish Politics say: Vote Labour. Vote for Hope, not Fear. Vote for Investment over Austerity.

Franglish Politics

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