Labour now on 40 points – Reuters confirm

ceb0cc97-005f-4bbd-8d16-258d15e0f165-2060x1236The most recent poll conducted on Friday has the Labour Party polling at 40 points.

The poll, which put the Conservatives on 45 points, was conducted by Ipsos MORI. They had the Conservatives leading 15 points just two weeks ago, but this has dropped to 5 points, a net of 10, as the tories dropped 4 points and the Labour Party gained 6.

Many polls are now confirming that this election will be a very close race, as we draw ever closer to the 8th June. A narrow lead by the Conservatives seems not to be enough to ensure a majority – if these polls are correct, we are looking at a potential hung parliament, and an opportunity for Mr. Corbyn to oust Theresa May from No. 10 via a coalition.

Reuters confirmed these polls and stated: “The poll is the latest to show a narrowing lead for May. A YouGov opinion poll on Wednesday showed the Conservatives’ lead had fallen to a fresh low of 3 points.”

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