Labour close gap to just 3 points – latest poll

The Labour Party have, once again, continued to rise in the polls. According to YouGov, since 5 days ago, Labour has shot up 3 points to 39%, while the Tories have dropped one point to 42%.

The YouGov poll stated:

“The latest YouGov/Times voting intention figures sees voting intention for the Conservatives down significantly to 42% (from 43% at the weekend). Labour meanwhile are on 39% (from 36%), giving the Tories a lead of just 3 points – the narrowest YouGov polling has had the race to date.

Elsewhere the Liberal Democrats are on 7% (from 8% at the weekend), UKIP remain on 4% and votes for other parties are at 8% (from 7%).”

You can see the YouGov poll for yourself here.

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