Labour now only 5 point behind Tories – latest polls

Corbyn’s Labour have made a stunning turn around as they have reduced the Tory lead to just 5 points.

In the recent poll conducted by YouGov/Times on the 24-25 May, the Labour Party shot up 3 points to 38%, compared to their 35% last week when they reduced the lead to single digits. The Tories went down 1 point, to 43%, compared to 44% last week when they had their 9 point lead.

A 5 point lead for the Tories would potentially not even be enough to even give Theresa May a majority – we would like to remind readers in 2010 David Cameron’s Conservatives were just about 7% ahead of Gordon Brown’s Labour Party in the General Election – and we still had a hung parliament. The Conservatives won 36.1%, while Labour were on 29%. Only a coalition with the Liberal Democrats put David Cameron through the doors of No. 10 Downing Street.

This time – Brexit would make a coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats very, very unlikely – almost impossible. Labour could negotiate with the Liberal Democrats far easier – as Tim Farron was against many of the Conservative cuts during the coalition. Labour would be able to easily secure a deal with the Scottish National Party as the idea that Nicola Sturgeon would go against ousting the Tories from power is, North of the Hadrian’s Wall, unthinkable and unimaginable.

The campaign relaunches after a 3 day pause after Manchester. Solidarity with the victims and their families.

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