Older voters might vote Labour after disastrous Tory Manifesto as they attack OAP’s

OAP’s, whom are more likely to vote Conservative, could switch to Labour after it was revealed that up to or around 10 million of them would lose out on winter fuel payments, as revealed by the Evening Standard.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced plans to means test winter fuel payments as she launched the Tory manifesto this week.

She announced that a Conservative Government will also abolish the ‘Triple-Lock’ on pensions – guaranteed by the previous Prime Minister, David Cameron. This means pensions will rise in line with whichever of earnings or inflation is higher. This is a worse deal than David Cameron’s proposal of a guaranteed rises of at least 2.5 per cent annually back in 2015.

The Evening Standard stated in their article:

“Labour said the plans showed the Conservatives were once again the “nasty party”. Jeremy Corbyn’s party highlighted analysis by living standards think tank the Resolution Foundation which suggested only the two million very poorest of the country’s 12 million pensioners would continue receiving the payments. The measure would save £1.7 billion, the research found.

A Tory source was quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying: “Most people are going to lose their winter fuel allowance.””

Mr Corbyn said: “Theresa May’s nasty party has launched a shameful attack on older people – introducing a compassion tax to force those in need of social care to pay for it with their family home.

“Labour is standing up for pensioners and guaranteeing the triple lock on state pensions, as well as giving social care the funding it needs.”

Labour have been polling well with the under 50’s, but the older people are in age the more likely they are voting for the Conservatives. These unpopular policies, however, might change things – we will have to watch the polls in the upcoming days and see the effects.

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