BBC bias against Corbyn goes too far as Labour launches its manifesto

The BBC’s bias against Corbyn has gone to a new low – copying Tory propaganda straight from their website and publishing an article titled: “Labour manifesto vision: More spending, more tax, more borrowing.”

This is the exact same way the Tory propaganda machine trashed Labour’s manifesto pledge, as pictured in our featured image. The BBC article is written by Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political editor who, according to the BBC’s very own BBC Trust, who stated that her report on the Labour leader’s views on shoot-to-kill “breached impartiality and accuracy guidelines.”

It would be understandable if such articles or behaviour was coming from media outlets controlled by Rupert Murdoch, who is a known enemy of Jeremy Corbyn. But the BBC isn’t the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, or even Franglish Politics! It’s supposed to be unbiased – and it clearly hasn’t been.

In terms of the media as a whole, many studies, as revealed by the Independent in their article on this issue, revealed that Labour critics get double the air time opposed to supporters who get half. Film-maker and activist Ken Loach commented to the Independent: “This invaluable research demonstrates that what we knew all along is true beyond doubt. The broadcasters, particularly the BBC, have shown a clear bias against Jeremy Corbyn and his campaign. This must now change.”

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1 thought on “BBC bias against Corbyn goes too far as Labour launches its manifesto”

  1. Jeremy Corbyn was extremely protective towards Laura Kuensburg when she got booed by a few people in the audience when he launched Labour’s manifesto. He had not requested her question, prior to the event and he had not denied entry to her or anyone else not on ‘his side/wavelength,’ and he eloquently replied to her question. He’s a perfect gentleman, politician, statesman and human being. He is just what this country needs and what the majority, well 95% of the population need.


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