Labour continue to cut Tory lead

The Labour Party continue to improve their poll rating, according to the Independent in their article today.

The Independent reported that “according to Kantar Public, 44 per cent of people intended to vote for the Conservatives, down four points, while Labour’s tally had risen four points, to 28 per cent, since the last poll over the bank holiday weekend.”

This comes after we also reported how Reuters, another trusted news source, reported similar findings with a YouGov poll.

The recent local elections also showed that the Conservative lead isn’t as big as it seems to be according to polls. The Conservatives got 38% of the vote, compared to Labour’s 27% – and that’s without London, a city with millions of the electorate, with mostly Labour voters. This would strengthen the idea that a Tory landslide is seeming less likely as despite being 7% ahead of Labour in the 2010 general election (the Conservatives got 36% and Labour got 29%) the Conservatives still failed to win a majority, let alone a landslide – and no boundary changes have occurred since. And this time a coalition with the Lib Dems seems off the cards as the Conservatives are pushing for a ‘hard Brexit’ whereas the Liberal Democrats do not wish to even proceed with Brexit, let alone help the Conservatives with a hard Brexit.

You just never know with the polls…

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