Tory lead collapses – Reuters confirm

Reuters, a trusted news source, has today confirmed that the Conservatives lead in the polls have dropped considerably, according to an article released today.

It seems the Labour Party, according to this poll, have, for the first time since the announcement of the general election, broken the 30 point mark, getting 31%, while the Conservatives still commanded a considerably 13 point lead, with 44%. A 13 point lead might seem rather large, but it’s a big dropped compared to the 23 point lead they commanded in another poll last weekend, also carried out by YouGov.

These recent polls, along with the potential of a number of Tory seats in Tory-Lib Dem marginals being lost to the Liberal Democrats (who got 11% in the same poll), could see a very mixed result. The Conservatives do have some breathing space in terms of good news – UKIP voters could turn to the Conservatives in order to gain a hard brexit. But most of these seats are in the North, and tactical voting could see Lib Dem voters cancel out Conservatives gains from UKIP voters via Lib Dems voters tactically voting for Labour to keep the Tories out.

Nonetheless, a 13 point lead for the Conservatives would still see a landslide victory, but perhaps not to the scale that the Labour Party won on the 1st May, 1997 (which will be exactly 20 years ago as of tomorrow) – Tony Blair saw the Labour Party win with a majority of 179 seats, Labour’s biggest victory in its history, larger than Clement Atlee’s majority of 145 seats in the 1945 general election, some 3 months after the end of the Second World War.

With around 6 weeks left till the general election, it’s still all to play for.

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6 thoughts on “Tory lead collapses – Reuters confirm”

  1. Keep dropping, Tories. Waiting for prosecutions for fraud in last election. If none, then we really do have the most corrupt regime.

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  2. The Tory propaganda bubble is bursting. No matter how many times May chants “strong and stable”, she is a weak leader. Lots of things are coming back to haunt the Tory campaign. Lack of a head to head with Corbyn, election fraud, investigation into her husband benefiting from BREXIT the national debt at £1.7 trillion, NHS privatisation, no action on tax dodging, no action on housing, a U-turn on NI for the self employed, planned tax and VAT increases after the election, BREXIT negotiations have broken down all point to a clinging on by her fingernails until election day. Do not be surprised if Labour makes a last minute come back.

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  3. The Tory marginals need to be heavily targeted with door-knocking and phone banking. There are thousands of Conservative voters who are deeply unhappy at the Tory austerity policies. They want a return to having a living wage and reliable services. They also know May is beholden to the big banks and corporations. Let’s get out there!


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