Tory lead over Labour drops by 7 points, and regrets over Brexit – new poll confirms

A few days ago, we reported the findings that the Conservative Party’s 21 point lead over Labour (46% Conservatives, 25% Labour – ICM Poll 18th April) had dropped significantly, being slashed down to 11 points, with the Conservatives on 40%, down 6 points, and the Labour Party on 29%, up 4 points, according to SURVATION poll released on the 23rd April.

A new poll by YouGov, conducted for The Times, showed support for the Tories at 45%, down 3 points from their own poll done last week, while putting the Labour Party up to 29%, up 4 points from, once again, their own poll done last week.

These two different polls confirm that support for the Labour Party is steadily increasing in the lead up to the general election. Both polls put Labour on 29%, but differ on the Conservative position by 5% (45% according to YouGov, 40% according to SURVATION) – which is quite significant. However, it does confirm that the Conservative Party still have a very strong lead in the polls, despite the big drop.

In terms of Brexit, according to this poll, it seems that most of the British public seem to, for the first time since the referendum, regret Brexit – another significant find in this poll. It found that 45% of the British public thought Brexit was the wrong decision, compared with 43% who said it was right, while 12% said they did not know.

The referendum produced a victory for the Leave campaign, with 52% stating they wanted Britain to leave the European Union. If polls stay as they are, it seems that is exactly what we are getting.

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