Labour halve Tory lead in just 4 days – new poll reveals

The Conservative Party’s lead of 21 points (46% Conservatives, 25% Labour), according to a ICM poll released on the 18th April, has been slashed down to 11 points today, with the Conservatives on 40%, down 6 points, and the Labour Party on 29%, up 4 points, according to SURVATION poll released today.

This comes after Theresa May couldn’t promise a number of things on taxes and spending. For instance, pensioners were told that they would not be free from any cuts on their pensions, as the so-called pensions ‘triple lock’ guarantees; something Labour said it would be looking to protect.

Mrs. May also promised she potentially couldn’t keep David Cameron’s 2015 Manifesto pledges of no increases in VAT, national insurance, or income tax till 2020.

This allowed Shadow Chancellor John Mcdonnell to spin the term “tax bombshell” on the Conservatives, a term the Conservative Party usually uses against the Labour Party, as Chancellor Philip Hammond refused to rule out any rises in tax.

It seems the Labour Party are the Party that more prepared for this snap election, already releasing a number of popular policies. As mentioned in our article published a few days ago, Labour are proposing to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020, which has an approval rating of 71%. Another one being to raise the top rate of income tax from 45p on the pound to 50p on incomes over £150,000 a year; this has an approval rating of 62%. They also propose to reintroduce Free school meals for all children, paid for by a VAT on private school fees, which has a 53% approval rating in the same poll, while 35% disagree and 12% saying they don’t know. These might gain votes for Labour in the run up to the election.

If this much can change in just 4 days, the Conservatives need to step up on their game instead of solely relying on Jeremy Corbyn’s unpopular reputation with the British voters.

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