ITV to hold leaders debate without Theresa May

by Berk Bektas

ITV said it will hold a leaders debate, despite Theresa May indicating she will not take part in any debates. It did not elaborate on what will happen if a leader did not turn up –  chances are it might have an empty podium. Julie Etchingham will host the debates, already having the pleasure of hosting similar debates in 2015.

The BBC said it too will be looking into hosting its own leaders debates, as “they are overwhelmingly in the public interest,” as stated by the BBC’s head of news gathering, Jonathan Munro, according to an article by the Independent published today.

The same article states that a Sky poll says 64% of the British public would like to see TV debates. This might make Theresa May reconsider her position, as an empty podium would be sure to damage her reputation; after all, if she’s so confident she’ll defeat Corbyn, what does she have to fear?

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1 thought on “ITV to hold leaders debate without Theresa May”

  1. Jeremy speaks from the heart, so no problem for him, May has no heart and only reads scripted statements.if she turns up ,Jeremy will slaughter her and she knows it, that is why she is running scared.


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